30-Jun-2016 Zentherapy New hosted organization/individual: Zentherapy, Naturheilpraxis Berlin
30-Jun-2016 Schulze & Müller GbR Hosted firm: Software development, embedded and communication devices, system control, warehouse, material flow
05-May-2015 Nylonbrain New hosted artist: Nylonbrain - Lieder zur Gitarre
05-Nov-2011 New project: binsort binsort is a tool for sorting files by their binary similarity. Made possible by the use of shingleprinting, Tiny Mersenne Twister, Threshold Accepting, and massive multithreading
22-Jun-2011 Links corrected TEKlib and tekUI are now hosted on subdomains of this domain, links corrected
20-Feb-2010 Esaka Dojo Berlin Iaido School Added an Iaido school and opened an organizations section
30-Jun-2008 tekUI GUI toolkit released After one year of development, we released tekUI today, a GUI toolkit written mostly in the Lua scripting language.
25-Feb-2008 PS2 Demo d136b released We're back from the Oxyron Party in Flensburg where we released yet another PS2 demo. d136b ranked 1st out of 3 in the mixed demo compo. Just like last year the party was a great experience and I can warmly recommend visiting this event.
27-Apr-2007 Hosted firms section added Added a list of hosted firms offering their services through this server
02-Mar-2007 New homepage design goes online Yet another homepage design! The new Black-Metal-inspired aesthetics are called Force-fed mashed potatoes with barbed wire.
01-Mar-2007 LOona Tiny Web CMS released Yet another homepage maker! This time written in Lua and using a WIKI-like notation
30-Dec-2006 PS2 Demo Innerloop released Back from The Ultimate Meeting in Karlsruhe, where we released another PS2 demo. The party was nicely organized, only the audience was somewhat disappointing, with many boring people raving over boring techno noise. This event was extremely PC centric; combined demo compos signify another nail in the coffin of the demo scene.
23-Jun-2006 Server outage and some data loss The server was down for approximately one hour and had suffered severe data losses. Most data could be reconstructed from regular backups, except for some scripts and - to our deepest regret - the Subversion repositories, which had to be reconstructed from local working directories and backups.
7-Apr-2006 Reuter u. Münch beratende Ingenieure Link to our site sponsor added: a german engineering firm - we're hosting them, they're paying our server. Thanks, Reuter u. Münch beratende Ingenieure!
11-Oct-2005 TEKlib 1.0 released First public release of the virtual operating system and middleware project
30-Aug-2005 PS2 demo Sohn des Nichts released Back from the Evoke party, and we released yet another PS2 demo this time. The party was well organized and had a friendly atmosphere, but it wasn't exactly a prime event for releasing a console demo - only three entries in the wild/alternative compo.
24-Jul-2005 RGL hosted by RGL is an award-winning R package that provides a cross-platform 3D visualization device system using OpenGL.
12-Apr-2005 VM-Kicking gallery A new section with animated in-browser realtime graphics has been added to the neoscientists homepage.
30-Mar-2005 Breakpoint 2005 is over It was great to meet personally, again. No releases this time, but seems all of us had a good time and got home safely... That's good news!
21-Mar-2005 New homepage design goes online Yeah, we finally have a new website! It was about time... Expect the few empty spots which are left to be filled in the next months. I'ld like to see everything worth it online rather than rotting on backup CDs.
19-Mar-2005 TEKlib for PS2 A port of the TEKlib middleware to the Playstation 2 architecture